The Walking Dead Attraction

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Do you dare open the doors that will unleash a zombie apocalypse? On July 4, 2016, you will have the chance to fight for humanity’s survival in a what Universal Studios is calling “a fully immersive journey.” Experience the gruesome landscapes and iconic characters from the worldwide pop culture sensation, The Walking Dead, at Universal Studios Hollywood.

The attraction has been fabricated by executive producer, director and makeup effects supervisor Greg Nicotero and The Walking Dead team at KNB Efx. In other words, the group behind the TV sensation have collaborated with Universal to make an ultimate experience. Nicotero and his team aim to make an attraction that is as authentic as possible. The same materials were used to make the zombies so lifelike and creepy have been used to build the attraction. Reportedly, the original mold for Bicycle Girl was even used for the version appearing at Universal Studios. Once you pass through the doors into the zombie-ridden land, you will be chased by a mix of costumed actors and incredible animatronics. Through a realistic replications of the television set, you will also be able to visit highly recognizable locations from the show.

Unlike the seasonal “Halloween Horror Nights” maze Walking Dead attraction at Universal Studios Hollywood that has ran for the past four years, this new attraction has been announced as a permanent ride. Universal has issued a caveat that, due to the intense gore, the attraction is not recommended for those under 13 years old.

There might be nothing more epic than celebrating the Fourth of July by fighting and triumphing over flesh-eating zombies at Universal Studios Hollywood. The excitement for the attraction is skyrocketing, especially with the release of a promotional short. Be ready to scream, because unlike the safety found in your living room, this horror is real.

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