The Napa Rose

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Fine Dining at the Napa Rose

Located at Disney’s Grande California Hotel and Spa, the Napa Rose (Open all week 5:30 – 10PM) is an award winning restaurant specializing in California’s best food and drink. Known for their excellent wine collection and expert sommeliers, the Napa Rose is an upscale choice for wine lovers looking to indulge in their favorite wines and excellent food in a romantic setting. Yelp reviewers and critics agree on the restaurant’s unquestionable quality. Since it’s opening in 2002, Napa Rose has received awards from many organizations, including Wine Spectator, Zagat, The Southern California Restaurant Writers and the Orange County Business Journal.

Chef Andrew Sutton has been has been at the Napa Rose for over ten years, and enjoys showcasing the story and ingredients of the Napa Valley in his innovative and delicious dishes. Remember to try the excellent Vitner’s prix fixed menu.

Expect to pay in excess of 35 dollars per person, plus the cost of wine. Find parking at the hotel, or take advantage of valet parking. For reservations, call (714) 781-3463. If you plan in advance, you can even choose to reserve the chef’s table, where the chef will personalize a menu especially for you and your companions.

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