Terminator 2 3D

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Terminator 2 3D

The Terminator movies have become a classic for those who love action films. To experience this movie for yourself, you should check out the Terminator 2 3D presentation at Universal Studios Hollywood. This show opened back in 1999 at the Hollywood location after originally opening at the Orlando site in 1996. While some of this attraction is a bit dated, it offers a treat for those who enjoy all iterations of the Terminator movies.

While in queue, audience members get introduced to their role in the show. They are going on a tour of Cyberdyne Systems. Monitors show them clips of innovations up and coming from the company. Once through the queue, audience members are taken into the pre-show. Here a promotional video shows Cyberdyne innovations. The video is interrupted though by Sarah and John Connor telling the audience they are about to blow up the building.

The show continues when the audience arrives in the auditorium. The show begins with a demo of the new T-70 Terminators. This is where the 3D effects come into play. Sarah and John Connor burst into the presentation and they end up traveling through time to battle Skynet and Cyberdyne in the future.

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