Little Red Wagon

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Disneyland visitors who are searching for a unique dining experience need look no further than Little Red Wagon. Often dubbed “the world’s smallest workplace,” Little Red Wagon is a food cart disguised as an antique truck. Located at 1313 South Harbor Boulevard, this food vendor is popular among Disneyland’s Annual Passport holders and first-time visitors alike.

What Little Red Wagon’s menu lacks in variety, it makes up for in quality. This vendor is widely regarded as offering the country’s best corn dog. Served in a basket with a small bag of potato chips, the deep-fried, batter-covered beef franks sold here are nearly one foot in length. Diners should be cautious when taking their first bite, as hot grease can start to leak out of the cornbread coating of these high-calorie treats.

Amusement park food is notoriously over-priced, and Little Red Wagon’s fare is no exception. The corn dog and accompanying chips cost approximately $6.00. Diners who want to wash down their food with a fountain drink will find themselves needing to cough up an additional $3.00. A $9.00 corn dog meal may seem expensive, but when compared to the other food available at the park it is actually quite reasonable.

Little Red Wagon’s operating hours vary, but this one-of-a-kind food vendor is usually open for lunch and dinner.

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