Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey

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Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey Review Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey is the new attraction at Universal Studios Hollywood, and is a magnificent demonstration of the latest design in rides. While the seat design allows for a lot of free-range movement and high-flying action, there are restrictions that will rule out some theme park attendees. The minimum height requirement is 48 inches, which will rule out smaller children. Additionally, obese and overweight people likely won’t fit in the seats. There are test seats in the loading area, in order to avoid disappointment.

The ride itself is quite an immersive experience, whisking the riders through a series of iconic events and settings from the Harry Potter universe. Riders start out in a dark queue, which features several snippets of film to set the mood. After passing the sorting hat and entering the Room of Requirement, riders strap themselves into the seats and begin their voyage.

The ride touches on a series of iconic events from the stories, including a pass through the Hogwarts observatory and flying over the castle. The ride alternates between real-life designed sets and segments of video, complete with motion simulation from the high-tech seating. A number of prominent characters and villains make an appearance. Astute readers will remember the giant spider pit, as well as Hagrid’s runaway dragon. The ride does include some intense moments, including a spooky scene with dementors. This might be too intense for young children, and is important to keep in mind. All things considered, this ride is an incredible demonstration of new ride technology, and is sure to please Harry Potter fans of a wide range of ages.

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