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Fantasmic is Fantastic!
Fantsamic is an incredible nighttime show that combines pyrotechnics, lasers, water effects and music. The show takes place on The River of Americas on boats as the Disney villains try to overtake Sorcerer Mickey.

The show times will vary depending on the season, sometimes taking place two times per night during the busier seasons. If there are two shows, the second show can often be less crowded. It is best to get your viewing spot early, by finding a spot an hour or more before the show. If you go earlier enough you may be able to get a table at The Riverbelle Terrace for a great place to see the show. You will have to by a snack or dinner if you do plan to sit here. They also sell tickets to reserved seating, which you can get on a first come first serve bases by calling 30 days before the show date you wish to attend.

This show is great for all ages. Some younger kids may be frightened by the loud sounds made by the fireworks and cannons, but if they are not effected by loud noises it is a must see show for the entire family.

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