California Adventure Disneyland

California Adventure Disneyland
Opened in 2001 on 67 acres of land as part of the Disneyland Resort expansion; the Disney California Adventure eight districts like Hollywood Pictures Backlot, Pacific Warf and the new Buena Vista Street. While the park was originally a spoof of the state, over a billion dollars went to a renovation in 2007 that celebrates California’s past and present.


Park Attractions

Inside the park districts are found many different types of attractions. The Golden State district has incredible sites such as Grizzly Bear Run, Soarin’ over California and Red Wood Creek Challenge Trail. “A Bug’s Land” offers captivating excitement like Flik’s Flyers and Francis’ Ladybug Boogie.

Food and Refreshments

All around the park are restaurants and places for treats and refreshments like Schmoozies in Hollywood Pictures Backlot. Two examples if restaurants are in the Disney Dining area of the Golden State section: Lucky Fortune Cookery and Taste Pilots’ Grill.

Hours and Parking

The parking for Disney California Adventure is in the Theme Park Parking area. Driving into the Disney Resort; drivers should follow signs that say, “Theme Parks.” Then, they will be led to the right parking area.

Nearby Accommodation

Within the Disney Resort are several fine hotels. Trip planners can call ahead to book rooms and purchase tickets to the Disney California Adventure. Some special rates can be found on rooms and package deals.