Butterfield Stage

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Knott’s Berry Farm is an amusement park in Southern California, situated on the site of a famous berry farm owned by the eponymous Knott. Though originally fashioned around ranch or farm attractions, it has now expanded to include other kinds of attractions. Some of the biggest attractions, however, remain the “ranch” or “frontier” oriented ones. A good example of this is the Butterfield Stagecoach.

The original Butterfield Stagecoach was a stagecoach route that ran from Memphis, Tennessee and St. Louis, Missouri to San Fransisco, California. The coaches carried mail and passengers to and from the termini of the line, and was in operation between 1857 and 1861, in which year it was shut down by an act of Congress, due to another route having been constructed.

The present-day iteration of the Butterfield Stagecoach is a reconstructed stagecoach that gives rides around Knott’s Berry Farm. Located out of Ghost Town, the coach gives scenic, tour-like rides around the park. There are height requirements, like most other rides: the minimum height is 46 inches. Sometimes, if you’re especially fortunate, or just nice enough to the driver, you or your children can ride up in the driver’s spot – the REAL “shotgun”, as it happens.

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