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Anaheim, California’s Bravo Nightclub

Anaheim, California’s Bravo Nightclub is conveniently located at 1490 S Anaheim Blvd. It is a fantastic place to dance the night away, whether you are a local to Anaheim or just passing through. Bravo Nightclub is a Latin dance club with two floors and different themes for different nights of the week, such as Zombie Night in the 1st floor section, where the undead and dance from dusk til dawn, or Splash Night in the 2nd floor portion of the club, where there is a strip show of both males and females, dressed in their nautical attire. You will hear a majority of upbeat, Latin dance music that is certain to get your feet moving underneath you. While Bravo Nightclub is, as mentioned, a Latin dance club, all nationalities are welcome with a smile and the atmosphere, locals and staff are all friendly and hospitable.

Bravo Nightclub is open Wednesday through Sunday from 9pm to 2am and is closed on Tuesdays. They have a huge parking lot where parking is free to all Bravo customers, are equipped with a full bar and offer some happy hour specials, as well. There is sometimes a cover charge of up to 14$ to get in the door. Smoking is allowed on the outside patio, the dress is casual or themed and you must be at least 18 years of age to play.

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