Bigfoot Rapids

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Knott’s Berry Farm is a long standing theme park located in Buena Park, California. It has remained a constant staple among California’s theme parks by inventing exciting rides and selling natural jams, jellies and other specialty fresh foods. A favorite water ride that is enjoyed by family’s is the Bigfoot Rapids which was designed in 1988. This white water river raft ride splashes, spins and bounces the riders around with laughter and safety. Riders must be 46 inches tall to ride down a narrow canal with a scenery that includes large looming boulders, sprouting geysers, towering cliffs and water falls.

Screaming and fun loving riders are spinning and turning around in a six to twelve passenger inner cylinder tube with lap belts. The Bigfoot ride also has a circular metal bar in the middle so that passengers can grab hold of or with adventure skills, brace their feet upon. The Bigfoot Rapids ride does not have a drop as it spins passengers around on its way down to the bottom, but it does feature waves that pop up and splash soaking wet passengers. Bigfoot Rapids is one of two water rafting rides and one of 40 other family fun rides at Knox Berry Farms theme park.

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